Monday , 17 December 2018
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Is cycling going to help me improve my sex life?

couples biking

You know, we all have our own reasons for riding our bike; whether it’s to keep fit, lose weight, or just for the plain heck of it. But once you realize what cycling can do for your sex life, you can bet you’ll be putting in a few more miles… Yes, we said the sex word. You might have experienced …

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An awesome virtual training session! (VIDEO)

This is an awesome 45 minute workout along Melbourne’s famous Beach Road! The music is a-pumping, and the excellent angle of the video makes you feel as though you’re there with the rest of the crew…what we liked were the quick sprints which had us overtaking the main group of riders! Stick this on your TV, and pedal away!

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7 amazing ways cycling will truly improve your life

cycling indoors

You probably knew it already: that cycling is, without question, good for your health. Cycling daily will keep you fit and healthy, and also help release those lovely endorphins that interact with your brain and get your body pumped and reinvigorated. But there’s a whole lot more you can get from your cycling sessions, whether you ride indoors or out. …

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Indoor training in the virtual world with Zwift!

zwift virtual training

OK, so we know that pedaling away on our indoor trainer can get a wee bit boring now and again. We might be able to enjoy a few tunes on our iPod or watch a great movie now and again, but there’s nothing really like being out on the open road, racing with friends, with the wind whistling past our …

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Critical checks to help improve your ride (indoors or out!)

bike maintenance

It takes much preparation to get ready for an important bike ride or bike tour. And that preparation is also applicable to your indoor training session, because, hey, you’re also going to be pedaling away on your bike for a sustained period, right? Here are some great maintenance tips for your stationary bike trainer Many of you will spend days …

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How your stationary bike stand can keep your heart healthy

riding to a healthy heart

We all know that exercise keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, right? As you’re here on our website, we’re guessing that you also care just a wee bit… Most people have the notion that exercise means sweating it out for an hour or two in the gym. This may be the most effective form …

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