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Stationary Bike Stands: cycleops

THREE of the BEST magnetic bike trainers out there!

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 review

There are some great magnetic trainers out there, and for those of you not convinced by the typically pricier fluid trainers (such as the always impressive CycleOps Fluid 2 or the Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roller), we’ve done the digging and come up with the THREE best magnetic trainers your wallet and your training sessions are going to enjoy… The …

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The CycleOps bike thong sweat catcher!

CycleOps Bike Sweat Catcher

Once you start putting in the effort, you’re going to be sweating like a Pro! From personal experience, we can tell you that if you put any kind of effort in for, say 30 minutes, the sweat is likely to be dripping off your nose at some point. Which is great for those calories you’re trying to burn off, or …

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The BEST 5 stationary bike stands to buy in 2018!

With so many brands and models to consider these days, it’s easy to get confused over the best bike trainer to fit your purposes – both budget-wise and for training. And with most of us worrying just a little more about each and every dollar, it’s fairly easy to wind up paying for something you might soon feel you’ve wasted your …

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Keep in shape throughout winter with the CycleOps Wind Trainer!

Cycleops wind trainer

Keeping up with your training regimen during winter months is not a problem if you have an indoor trainer, and especially if you have one that gives progressive resistance, like the CycleOps Wind Trainer. This trainer is a little different to some of the others we recommend – including awesome CycleOps beasts like the Fluid 2 and Super Magneto – …

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Another superb trainer from CycleOps: the SuperMagneto Pro!

Cycleops Supermagneto Pro

Back when I first started getting serious about cycling, I spent my off-season at my local gym riding the stationary bicycles. But as any serious cyclists will tell you, stationary bicycles really don’t offer you the same type of experience as riding your own bike on a stationary bike stand at home. And when you’ve got the guys at CycleOps churning out …

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